We will supply a free vending machine to your workplace, club or business if you have 50 staff or more. We will fill the machine with your choice of snacks and drinks and sell them at competitive prices.

Having a vending machine at your site means staff don't need to leave the premises to get their refreshments. Their favourite treats are close at hand.

Payment options include coin, note, credit card, contactless, Apple pay, Google pay and Eftpos.

We use remote monitoring technology to tell us when the machine needs filling or has a fault. The same technology tells us what you eat and when, to help us better understand sales trends to ensure the machine is stocked with your favourite items at all times.

If your machine does have a fault we have full technical support to respond to issues, often before you know something has gone wrong!

We are so confident about our service we don't ask you to sign a long term contract. If you are not happy with our service, you are free to choose another provider. Thats our guarantee.

If you would like a selection of these products in a free vending machines contact us here.

Our Service

Our Service


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