Vendo V-21 Live Display

The Vendo V-21 has a capacity of 680 cans / 300 Pet bottles and up to 10 different selections. Available with optional Vendomation technology.

Bring Products To Life With V-21 Live Dislpay...

  • Attractive - Well-lit product display for maximum customer appeal
  • Easy to Maintain - Quick disconnects at selection buttons and lights for fast servicing
  • Flexible - Shimless vending of bottles and cans provides for optimal product mix and maximum vending profits
  • Dependable - Time tested design ensures reliable and flawless vending, giving owners peace of mind
  • Security - Lower 1/3 metal panel for protection and stability (flat front only)
    • Lower hinge hook assembly completely enclosed to help prevent vandal attacks
    • The V-21 anti-theft hopper is designed for easy access to vended packages
    • Reinforced top hinge plate with deadbolt for increased security
  • User-Friendly - Conveniently located selection buttons and individual pricing label area directly below each displayed product
  • Sold Out/Ready to Vend Lights* - Flash while vending to clearly identify activity (* only available on Cold Drink Model)
  • Refrigeration System - The condenser and evaporator use copper and aluminum construction which reduces energy consumption. The V-21 fan blades are shrouded to greatly reduce audible noise and improve performance.
  • Tier II ENERGY STAR qualified.

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