Electrical Tag Testing

Appliance testing is to check test and tag electrical appliances for safety from electric shock and fire.

Electrical regulations have always required that appliances are tested for safety from fire and electric shock.
The standard AS/NZS 3760 is sited by OSH as the means of compliance for all New Zealand businesses.
An accident with an untagged appliance means that OSH is likely to prosecute management personally.

Penalties are up to $500,000 and two years imprisonment.To protect you, your staff, and clients from shock and fire, it is compulsory to test and tag.

More and more sites are requesting this test be carried out annually.

VDL Test and Tag all machines before they leave the Warehouse as a matter of course and can carry out this service for you on site.

Contact Allan Waddams on 09 570 7147 if you require more information


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